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Pastor Rodney Petty, Sr.

Pastor Rodney A. Petty, Sr. is the visionary leader of Jericho Road Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Jericho Road is a dynamic congregation with a clear vision, which is to “Worship God, Love People, and Teach the Scripture.” Under Pastor Petty’s leadership Jericho Road is impacting lives of an enumerable amount.

Pastor Petty is a prolific preacher who proclaims the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with passion and power. God has blessed his ministry so that it crosses cultural, ethic and generational boundaries.

Besides being a prolific prophetic voice within the kingdom, Pastor Petty is also a mentor, life coach, highly gifted musician, song writer, and arranger.

Pastor Petty is very aware of the need for authentic leadership amongst this generation. Accordingly, he regularly hosts a variety of workshops, conferences and retreats, which are designed to empower, enlighten and edify people holistically,covering the spectrum of life.

Pastor Petty holds a B. A. in Biblical Studies from W. A. Criswell College, Dallas, TX and a Master of Theological Studies degree from SMU, Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, TX. Pastor Petty is a devoted husband to his lovely wife, Mrs. Avis Lavonne Petty.

First Lady Avis Petty

Lady Avis L. Petty is the wife of Pastor Rodney A. Petty, Sr., Pastor of Jericho Road Baptist Church. She works alongside her husband, supporting his vision. Exuding a confidence and command in the Word of God that emanates freshness and practicality, God uses her to unravel the mysteries of His Word. She delivers relevant and relatable insights from the principles of God that, when applied, are totally life-transforming for the mature believer and exhilarating for the new believer, causing them to break forth into a life of total transformation.

Lady Petty adheres to the principles of God, and it is greatly evident in the fruit that is produced through her life.  Known for “keeping it real”, many women of all ages have gained a new understanding of their walk with Christ through her refreshing presentation of the Gospel, teaching on motherhood, being a virtuous woman, and devoted wife. She inspires the women in her seminars and workshops, reminding them that they are “Kingdom Women” and should settle for nothing but God’s best!  Her Love for God’s children and the work of the Lord is great!

Not only is Lady Petty a dynamic teacher and mentor, she is also a powerful “Psalmist” who sings with power and precision. Lady Petty is also a freelance makeup artist and an entrepreneur. Her style is like no other!  However, she also teaches: God is concerned with the condition of our heart, not with our outer appearance.

Lady Petty is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who cares deeply for her family.  She remains unrelentingly committed to fulfill her mission and call – to help others, experience total deliverance, and triumph in Christ.  Lady Petty is anointed and appointed for such a time as this!

Pastor Rodney Petty, Jr.

Rev. Rodney Petty, Jr. is the Young Adult Pastor at Jericho Road Baptist Church where he serves alongside his parents, Pastor Rodney (Sr.) & Lady Avis Petty.   Rev. Petty is also a gifted singer and musician who’s passion for the gospel is evident in every area of his life.  He is currently matriculating at Criswell College in Dallas, TX where he will earn a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies.  He is devoted to his wife, Brandy Petty.  Rev. Rodney Petty, Jr. is a yielded vessel committed to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

The First Family